down the lees (CA)

"Instantly engaging riff-driven gorgeousness" - Loud Women

Originally from Vancouver, BC, Down the Lees started out as a solo act and has gone through many iterations, with Laura Lee Schultz (Queazy, New Years Resolution, Skinjobs) at its core. As a result of releasing three full length albums, an EP and numerous singles, the project has forged an eclectic musical path with engaging and dynamic soundscapes inspired by genres such as post-rock, shoegaze, hardcore, slowcore, and no-wave. 

With the move to Belgium, the project gained a new perspective and transformed into a live band tour de force. At the beginning of 2020, the European stint of the project, featuring Kwinten Gluehorse on bass and Jonathan Frederix on drums, began touring the critically acclaimed Steve Albini recorded album, 'Bury The Sun'. When the band toured Belgium, France, and The Netherlands, they played highly dynamic and energetic shows, and they were invited to tour with the Sisters of Mercy in Italy. 

In the wake of the pandemic, the project was put on hold, and the move back to Canada was unquestionably needed. To cope with the turbulence surrounding the world, Laura Lee (LL) created more music to deal with the depression and isolation. In anticipation of the onset of the endemic, the idea to start a live Canadian version of the band was conceived. With Chris Carlson on bass and Andy Ashley on drums, the Okangan Valley trio weave a trail of thunderous guitars and pounding drums along with LL's voice, which carries the undeniable harsh truths of life.

"Turn "Dead and Over" loud and within the barrage of guitars, bass and drums potent and, at times, stoic and plodding like the teeth clenched walk into a fire, and Laura Lee's biting, spit and sweat vocal countenance (in between violent musical punches) there is the rebounding power of having been pushed against the wall one too many times.” - American Pancake

"Lockdown threw Schultz to the mat, but it couldn’t knock her out and she’s back stronger than ever. Alive and kicking, again.” - Turn Up The Volume - Pick of the Day takes proverbial blood, sweat and tears to lure an audience…those who were there were stunned at what this woman can do.” - Luminous Dash

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